Story is King!

Story is King!

One of the things I love so much about visual storytelling is how much there is to learn. I will never stop being a student of this medium. And the more I learn, the more apparent it’s becoming that the most important element to any film is the story.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a feature, short, commercial, youtube brand campaign – the audience wants to be taken on a journey, and experience their own humanity through the construct of story.

As filmmakers we can tell story in a number of ways: character development and plot, visual metaphor, setting/location, camera movement, picture edit, sound design, and music cues. This is why visual storytelling is such a fine art: mastering these elements takes tremendous dedication and a ferocious appetite for learning.

Sure, we all want our work to look great. And while I get technolust as badly as the next person, I believe most filmmakers would agree that Story is King.

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