Cory Pelan Whole Beast

The Whole Beast serves it up on Oak Bay Ave

That Tuesday was a day like any other. A bit overcast, mild, the city humming with promises of the morning ahead. Except on this morning, I was on my way to photograph Cory and I was late. When greeting me is his typically friendly way he added that he ‘…opens in 15 minutes!”

Curse you, time mismanagement! Oh well, I’m working on it.

One of my favorite things about creating art, and photography in particular, is that I’m able to hang out with all manner of artists. And Cory’s art is fine cuisine. This guy is passionate about food (he has pig tattoo for crissakes). He serves on the board of The Island Chefs Collaborative and is a passionate advocate of the sustainable food movement.  I don’t care who you are or where you’re from – if you’re a foodie, I count you as an ally in this journey called life.

The Whole Beast is an artisan salumeria, whose vision is ‘…to produce handmade, traditional, artisan cured meats without unnecessary additives, preservatives or fillers, while utilizing ethically raised, hormone and antibiotic free meats that are locally sourced.’ What this means is walking out of there without one of everything is difficult.

Old world recipes include numerous incarnations of salami, coppa, lonzino, lomo, guanciale, pancetta, mortadella, lardo, bacon, ham, smoked turkey breast, polish ham sausage, garlic coil, pepperoni, andouille, chorizo, smokies, european wieners, coppa di testa, trotter brawn, blood sausage, smoked corned beef, liverwurst, rillettes, chicken liver parfait, black pudding… somebody stop me!

Writing this has reminded me I’m overdue for a visit. If you haven’t been by, you really owe it to yourself. Pick anything, you cannot lose. Check out their lovely new site for more info.

Ok, leaving now…




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